To create highly livable, contemporary homes through unique collaborations between artists and architects.

Terry Ring

Terry Ring

Architectural Design

More About Terry

One of Canberra’s most awarded architects with experience in complex residential & multi unit developments.

He holds design excellence as the cornerstone for delivering quality living environments. This requires responsive design, technical understanding & comprehensive project development, ensuring the competent resolution of difficult design problems along the way. Site constraints and challenges are opportunities to develop and create innovative design solutions.

Excellent, practical building and home design adds value, both financially and aesthetically. The true value comes with living and working in well designed environments – over the lifetime of the building, which in turn adds long-term capital value.

Angus Reid

Angus Reid

Project Feasibility & Management

More About Angus

He has been in the construction industry for over 37 years & is a licenced builder & building assessor.

A member of the Housing Industry Association and Master Builders Association for over 20 years serving on a number of committees.

Has successfully started & managed businesses involved in project & construction management, building maintenance, building defect inspection services, solar passive design & building environmental sustainability. Angus has experience in all aspects of construction including residential & commercial.

His experience brings strong relevant skills to ArtHouse including budget control, project management, quality assurance, design energy efficiency and environmental sustainability of buildings.

Peter Ring

Peter Ring

Marketing & Branding

More About Peter

Peter is a noted brand & communication strategist, he has contributed to the development & growth of many prominent Canberra businesses & government agencies, using his “values brand” model.

Peter has been a founder of one of Canberra’s pre-eminent brand strategy advisory agencies giving him strong business acumen that will help guide the Group’s business ventures.

His branding skills & experience will particularly assist with project branding & marketing strategy to help optimize the realization potential of each project.

Al Ramos

Al Ramos

Business & Finance Strategy

More About Al

Al has been a business strategy adviser & coach for over 35 years. In particular, the experience of founding his own business, growing it successfully over 20 years & ultimately selling it to a multi-national has given him the credible track record required to more effectively assist ArtHouse not only build a strong business, but also sustain long-term success.

Clients have included many successful builders & developers, giving him strong industry experience & capability.

Al’s accounting background further enhances ArtHouse’s financial management credentials.

Mario Sanfrancesco

Mario Sanfrancesco

Sales & Marketing

More About Mario

He has over 20 years real estate sales experience, including as owner & senior leader of agency businesses.

He has achieved many record sales & counts some of the world’s best real estate sales people in his network.

He is a skilled auctioneer & has a strong track record as a leader in his industry.

His results support a strong connection to & understanding of the real estate market & it’s cycles.

Mario’s skills, experience & networks bring exceptional market insights and distribution channels for ArtHouse projects through his extensive & well credentialed networks, particularly in the target markets ArtHouse seeks to access.

At Arthouse, we believe in the power of imagination.

We believe that art and architecture are not separate disciplines, but indivisible.

That’s why an Arthouse design is different.

Our creations are served by collaborations with leading artists, each injecting the architectural design with his or her own philosophy on form, light, colour, tonality and texture.

That’s why, you won’t just be living in a home. You’ll be living in an Arthouse.