Inspired Environments


A home should reflect a sense of place, a built environment that is designed with the end living experience being the first and foremost consideration, but so often it can be compromised by the prevailing trends of a particular era. But what if there was another way?… what if there was an approach that promised a home that combined personality and the high watermarks of art and architecture? A blend of creative ideas that delivered a unique expression that would stand the test of time?

At Arthouse, we don’t believe reinvention of the home has been pushed far enough. We don’t believe the imagination of what-is-possible has been stretched to its limits. And the reason for that is startlingly simple. We believe that art and architecture are not separate disciplines, but indivisible.


An Arthouse home is different.


Our creations are served by collaborations with leading artists, each injecting their creative perspective into the architectural design with his or her own philosophy on form, light, colour, tonality and texture.


That’s why an Arthouse design transcends the expected.

That’s why an Arthouse residence becomes the standard bearer wherever it is sited.

That’s why, you won’t just be living in a home. You’ll be living in a work of art!